Today I have decided to start a blog about converting a Britains Deere 200D 1:16 digger into a RC model. I've played around with the idea for at least a year, but after finding this blog about a Bruder RC Catapillar conversion by Jaegermeister(In Dutch), I decided it was time to make a start at doing my own. A lot of my conversion will be based on the conversion Jaegermeister has already done, so I do not and can not take credit for everything I'm about to do. I'm starting with a different base model, but I hope to make a model that's as least as good as Jaegermeisters.


  1. Hallo James,
    Deze blog ga ik zeker volgen.
    Groet Jeagermeister

  2. Hallo James,

    Lukt het met de bouw?

    Groet Pieter

  3. Hoi james ,

    Ik ben op zoek naar deze graafmachine. Weet jij waar ik em kan kopen ?

    Groetjes carolien